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Unlock the full potential of your website with CroPilot — the one-stop solution for easy, automated conversion optimization. No experts, no hefty fees, just results.

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Customize Your Strategy

Tailor Your Approach, Maximize Your Impact

With CroPilot, optimizing your website becomes a breeze. Choose your audience, set your goals, and let our AI-driven insights do the rest. Whether you're aiming to increase sales, boost engagement, or enhance user experience, CroPilot equips you with the tools you need for success—without the complexity.

App screenshot showing audience and goal definition
Simplified Audience Targeting
Identify and tailor your content to meet the unique needs of your audience segments with precision.
Goal-Oriented Optimization
Set clear, measurable goals for your website and track progress with real-time insights.
AI-Driven Insights
Leverage the power of AI to uncover optimization opportunities you never knew existed.

Streamline Your Optimization

Start with a URL, End with Results

Enter the world of effortless optimization with CroPilot. Just paste your webpage's URL, and our platform will guide you through a seamless process to pinpoint improvement opportunities. It's optimization made simple, fast, and effective.

Instant Setup
No technical setup required. Get started in seconds and see your website's potential unfold.
AI-Driven Analysis
Our advanced AI algorithms analyze your webpage to provide actionable insights and tailored recommendations.
Continuous Improvement
CroPilot doesn't just offer one-time suggestions. It continuously monitors performance for ongoing optimization.
Screenshot showing the webpage URL addition on CroPilot

Simplified User Insights

Automatic Heatmap Insights

CroPilot automatically generates heatmaps, offering a straightforward view into user interactions such as clicks and scrolls. You don't need to be an analytics expert—CroPilot translates complex behaviors into clear, actionable feedback to enhance user experience and conversions effortlessly.

Heatmap insights

Automated Analytics Reporting

Your Website's Performance, Simplified

We'll monitor your site's key metrics like page views, bounce rates and session durations. Our system not only tracks but also analyzes daily performance, highlighting opportunities for improvement. Say goodbye to manual data crunching—CroPilot alerts you to the insights that matter.

Automated analytics reporting

Seamless Optimization Suggestions

Effortless A/B Testing, Powered by AI

With CroPilot, A/B testing is no longer a chore. Our AI-powered platform offers tailored suggestions, from optimizing headlines to enhancing CTAs, with easy-to-understand comparisons. Implement changes with confidence and watch your conversion rates soar, no guesswork required.

Effortless A/B testing

Seamless Integration For All

Your Platform, Effortlessly Optimized

CroPilot's genius lies in its versatility. Whether you're leveraging WordPress, diving into WooCommerce, scaling with Shopify, or using a bespoke platform, our universal JavaScript snippet makes integration effortless. Just a simple copy and paste, and you're set to soar with CroPilot's full suite of optimization tools.

WordPress WooCommerce Shopify Custom Integration

From established eCommerce giants to custom-built websites, CroPilot adapts to fit, ensuring your site's success is just a snippet away.

What's Next for CroPilot

Exciting Features on the Horizon

We're constantly evolving to make CroPilot even better. Look forward to new capabilities like automated A/B testing, deeper analytics integrations, and more ways to enhance your site's performance.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need any technical skills to use CroPilot?
No, CroPilot is designed to be user-friendly. You can easily integrate it with your platform with just a few clicks.
Can I use CroPilot without any coding knowledge?
Absolutely! CroPilot is designed for ease of use. Our intuitive interface and simple integration process mean no coding skills are required.
Will CroPilot slow down my website?
Not at all. CroPilot is optimized for performance, ensuring that insights and enhancements are delivered without impacting your site's speed.
Is CroPilot suitable for my small online store?
Yes, CroPilot is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our platform scales with you, providing valuable insights whether you're just starting or looking to grow.
What if I'm already using another optimization tool?
CroPilot can complement existing tools by providing unique, AI-driven insights. It's easy to integrate alongside other solutions to maximize your site's potential.

Make Your Website Work Harder

CroPilot simplifies conversion optimization, empowering you with insights and actionable recommendations to improve your site's performance effortlessly.

CroPilot app screenshot

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